Fall garden

Labor Day weekend…time to plant the fall garden! So far, we’ve planted 12 broccoli, 6 ruby red cabbage, 6 early cabbage, and 4 cauliflower plants.


To prepare the beds for planting, we added compost from our compost pile.  We usually don’t till our beds, but we did till these with a small tiller so that we could get the soil loosened up and mix the compost in thoroughly.

After planting everything, I made a circle in the middle of several spread out pages of newspaper and then placed the newspaper around each plant. It doesn’t look very nice initially, but it will help keep the weeds from growing around the plants and keep the soil cooler.  The newspaper eventually breaks down and enriches the soil.

Below is newly planted broccoli and ruby red cabbage.

  broccoli ruby red cabbage

Now the challenge will be to keep these little plants alive for the next few weeks until the weather cools off.

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