Dried Bay Leaf & Crushed Red Pepper

Bay leaves and red peppers are both plentiful in the garden now. A quick way to preserve both is to dry them using the dehydrator.

Wash the bay leaves and let them air dry on a towel. Place in a single layer in the food dehydrator and dry according to the manufacturer’s recommended time.  Mine took a couple of hours in my Sunbeam dehydrator.  Store in a glass jar and use within a year or place in the freezer to keep them fresh even longer.

washed-bay-leaf bay-leaf-in-dehydrator

Follow the same process to dry the peppers, but first, while wearing gloves, cut each in half and scrape out the seeds and veins.  I used cayenne and jalapeno peppers in this batch and they took about five hours to dry.  After they were dry, I crushed them using my Pampered Chef chopper and then stored in a glass jar with a shaker top.  I’ll be sprinkling this on pizza soon!

assorted-red-hot-peppers red-hot-peppers-in-dehydrator

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