About our Garden

Welcome to our backyard garden!  I’m Lisa, and my husband Frank and I planted our first garden in 2009.  It has seven raised beds with landscape timber borders and is in Seguin, Texas, where we have a long growing season and never enough rain.  We practice organic gardening methods with lots of trial and error along the way.

spring 2015 garden

The need to use our harvest turned into an interest in preserving and canning fruits and veggies. Once I learned how to can, the way we ate changed.  Instead of going to the grocery store for canned vegetables or fresh produce, we started eating what was available to harvest from the garden or whatever we had canned from the season. This means that when tomatoes are in season, we eat tomatoes however many different ways I can think of!  By the time we’re tired of them, it’s time for something else to be in season.

Here you’ll find information on gardening and how to use all the homegrown produce that comes from the garden.  I think it’s really rewarding to be able to walk outside and pick something to turn into a cooked from scratch meal. I hope you’re inspired to start a garden of your own, learn to preserve, or to try eating seasonally and locally!

Contact me with questions or comments at lisa@texasbackyardgarden.com.