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Poblano peppers


It’s September, and poblano peppers are in full swing.  I have a lot of small ones that aren’t good candidates for roasting and stuffing so I like to preserve these by turning them into ancho chiles.  An ancho chile is simply  the dried version of a poblano pepper and is very easy to make.

After rinsing the peppers, I cut them in half and removed the stem and most of the seeds…it’s okay to leave some.  sliced poblano pepper

Next, I laid the halves cut side down on trays in my food dehydrator.  This dehydrator is an old Sunbeam model with only two settings…low or high.  I turned it on high and eight hours later, I had ancho chiles. Ancho chiles can be ground into chile powder or rehydrated to add to chili, salsa or to masa when making tamales.

poblano peppers in dehydrator